Climate Change Needs to be Spoken About in Schools

The looming threat of climate change is an extremely large issue for our generation and the previous generations are doing next to nothing to save our earth. Now, there is a good amount of older people that are trying to help, but the majority of previous generations have made a living on using and working with fossil fuels and the majority are unwilling to change their lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean that our generation shouldn’t learn about the dangers of climate change and how to stop it.

Even in the U.S., there are people fighting to get climate change integrated into our current curriculum. States, such as Idaho in 2018, were trying to get human-driven climate change into their curriculum, but lawmakers chose no to include the human-driven portion in the curriculum. Climate change itself as a topic is still being talked about in Idaho schools.

Another place that’s taking action against climate change is Italy. Italy is the first country in the world that is making it’s students learn about climate change and how we have an effect on it. They are also teaching their students on how to help with this problem and how to reduce the effect it will have on us in the future. This kind of information and teaching needs to be talked about because if our generation chooses to do nothing, then we are dooming future generations and they will have to try and salvage the earth in the wake of our ignorance.

This brings me to our country, luckily our school has no restrictions on the topic of climate change and many teachers are very passionate about it. Hopefully, every student has a chance to learn about climate change through Ecology or any other science based classes in their school. This however, doesn’t mean that everyone agrees on the topic of climate change and some don’t even believe in the global crisis. Even the youngest among our generation need to be informed of this looming threat as quick as possible so they can be ready to come up with solutions.

Another issue we must address is a way to give the people that rely on fossil fuels another alternative so they can continue to make a steady income but reduce their effect on climate change as well. The older generations need a sustainable way to survive, but currently we have no more alternatives for them so they can help us to keep the earth clean. 

We should also push for more information about climate change in every one of science classes so we can all become educated and enthralled by the idea of it, and then maybe come up with solutions. We also should start pushing for climate change lessons in every state and country so that we may have a chance to combat the ever present threat.

We as a school, a population, a generation need to start addressing this problem lest we let the future generations fight amongst themselves and cause the downfall of the earth. I urge all of you to learn about climate change and see if there is anything you can do to help.