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Unveiling Ambitions: High School Sophomore Interview Day


On November 1st, Liberty High School hosted a transformative event that marked a significant milestone in the academic journey of its English 10 students – the Sophomore Interview Day. Aiming to provide students with real-world experience, this event saw guest interviewers from various sectors around the county engaging with students in a professional setting.

“We dress up in nice clothes and bring our resumes to our interviewer,” said John-Paul Berkley.

The sophomore students arrived on campus prepared for their scheduled interviews. The significance of dressing appropriately mirrored the professional environment they were about to encounter. The emphasis on this aspect of preparation was not just about appearance; it was a lesson in the importance of making a positive first impression.

What sets Liberty High School’s Sophomore Interview Day apart is the diverse array of interviewers who participated. “We get interviewed by local managers, people from the superintendent’s office, some school board officials, and the school’s admins, teachers, and counselors,” said Tristan Henry. 

The interviews were not just a formality; they were a step for students to imagine their dreams and goals. The questions posed were designed to prompt thoughtful responses about what students want to achieve and why they believe in their ability to excel. This exercise not only challenged students to think critically about their futures but also helped them hone their communication skills.

The collaboration between local employers and school officials showcased the commitment of the community to the educational and professional development of Liberty High School students. It underscored that education goes beyond the classroom, and community engagement plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of professionals.

Liberty High School’s Sophomore Interview Day wasn’t just a one-time event; it was a stepping stone toward future success for the participating students. The experience gained from interacting with professionals, receiving constructive feedback, and navigating the interview process will undoubtedly contribute to their personal and professional growth.

As these sophomore students progress through their high school years, the lessons learned on Sophomore Interview Day will resonate. The event bridges the knowledge they acquired in the classroom and the practical skills required in the professional world. It equips students with the confidence and awareness needed to make informed decisions about their education and career paths.

In conclusion, Liberty High School’s Sophomore Interview Day stands as proof of the school’s commitment to education. By bringing together local employers, school officials, and students, it creates an environment where dreams are explored, goals are defined, and the future is shaped. As these students continue their academic journeys, they carry with them the lessons learned on this impactful day, poised for success in both education and the professional world.

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Ethan Wilder, Editor
Hi, My name is Ethan Wilder and I'm a Sophomore at Liberty High School. I play football and lacrosse for the school. I am an Editor for the Patriot Press. I was almost born on an airplane 27 weeks early in Denver, Colorado at the Ronald McDonald House. I'm in Journalism because I like to write and it's fun.

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