Color guard’s new routine is out of this world



Senior Abigail Pearson dons her space suit as part of the “Pale Blue Dot” performance.

Karlee Salinas, Entertainment & Opinion Editor

The LHS color guard is back and better than ever with their newest performance, “Pale Blue Dot.”

This performance is not the only thing that is new this year. The team has a new captain now too. 

The color guard team ended last school year by choosing who would be their leader for the next season. The team captain this year is senior Stephanie Kissell. She has been on the color guard since she started high school.

Kissell has known that she has wanted to try out for the team since she was in eighth grade. 

“I was extremely happy when I found out [about the captaincy] because I’ve also wanted my team during my senior year. My coach Mrs. Patrice and the old band teacher came to Cedar Lee Middle School and showed a video of the color guard twirling their flags, and that’s when I knew that I wanted to be on the Color Guard team in high school,” said Kissell. 

Every year the color guard performs a new routine at the home football games as part of the halftime show. This year the new performance is called “Pale Blue Dot.”

The performance is about how vast the universe is and how, even though people on Earth think that the universe is essential, the vastness of space is very unimportant to the rest of the universe. 

As part of the  show the color guard is accompanied by the marching band, and both parties perform on the field decorated with space themed back drops and rocket ship props. Color guard performers wear astronaut costumes as part of the show to reinforce the theme.

The band director is the person that decides what the theme of the performance is. There are some hardships when it comes to performing.

 “Dropping the flags is the hardest part of performing. It’s like playing the wrong note on accident,” said senior Abigail Pearson.

Unlike previous years the entire color guard comprises only seniors, and the entire group is very close.

So far Kissell notices the senior lead squad is enjoying their final year.

“It’s fun. I get to share the experience with all of them, but at times it gets a little grumpy because we’re all seniors, and it’s our last year, but I love it,” said Kissell.  

With this year being the last year for all of the members, it gets a bit emotional for them.

“Hanging out with Toth, Lily, Stephanie, and our instructor Mrs. Patrice is always fun, exciting, and hilarious. It’s so awesome being a part of such a tight-knit group that loves me and wants to help me. It truly means the world, and I am not ready to sob my eyes out at our final performance,” said Pearson.