LHS cheer has confidence, discipline, and a district championship


Morgan Meredith, Ashlyn Leatherwood, Bailey Allen, Kira Thomas, Zoey Smith, Hailey Marquise, Kallyn Odom and Emmy Owens are just some of the hard working District Champion cheer squad. Photo courtesy of the yearbook staff.

Connie Ulloa, Staff Reporter

To be a great cheerleader the qualities needed are confidence, discipline, and to be a good team player. LHS cheer coaches Katie Waddle and Alicia Schrank know these qualities are not only needed to be great individual cheerleaders, but for a team to make a lengthy postseason run.

The latter has been a near certainty over the last few years, as LHS cheer has made a regional bid every season since 2014.

Coach Waddle has been coaching for 11 years at Liberty High School. She has been coaching right beside her high school bestfriend, coach Schrank, . 

“We run a strict program, a lot of expectations, we hold the cheerleaders to a higher standard then we hold other athletic programs. We expect them to have good grades, always be on time and all of that goes to the structure of our team,” said Waddle. 

The strict nature of the cheer program helps build and encourage a team culture.

“We are all really close, the coaches and the cheerleaders we are all a big family, we all trust each other, were all very positive and were all doing great so far, we are all hitting our stunts and now we are focusing on building higher skills,” said Zoey Smith.

“The most important part of being a cheerleader is having a positive attitude, were all one big family and we are always striving to do better,” said Brennon Keller. 

Sophomore Kallyn Odom has benefitted from the perseverance needed to get through all the challenges a season can provide.

“To make a team successful, it is important that we get through the bad days and still have good days and not give up on the bad days,” said Odom. 

At the end of the day the discipline leads to success, which leads to fun.

“We all get along well,” said Morgan Meredith. “The coaches make it fun, and teamwork is a big factor in being a cheerleader.”

Before competitions all the cheerleaders and coaches come together  in a huddle to pray before they compete. They also have rituals or superstitions, and they do individual handshakes that they cheer called “boom it’s on.”

Liberty’s varsity cheer team has already began their postseason run with Northwestern District competition. On October 12, they competed in the district championship at Eagle Nation campus.

The amazing cheerleaders brought Liberty a win and pride with a first place district championship trophy.

Every student and staff member are extremely proud to call them district champions. Now these cheerleaders have to work harder and focus on practicing for regionals. 

With their confidence, discipline and teamwork, it looks like another trip to Richmond could be on the horizon.

Fans can come and support them at regionals at Kettle Run High School on October 26.