Is “The Mandolorian” a Hit New Show?

A new television show from Disney, “The Mandolarian,” has just finished airing its first season. Episode one releasing alongside Disney+ on November 12, 2019. With the new Star Wars content will always come new opinions, the general consensus in the media and among critics alike is that the show is a tour de force for the IP. With episodes released every friday, until the eighth and finale episode  “Redemption” on the 27th of December, where the show is both rapped up and left with a cliffhanger to be continued in the spring of 2020. 

The show is a new look at the Star Wars universe disconnected from the drama of the Skywalker family. Events of the show takes place in the outer rim, a wild west of the Star Wars universe where law is seldomly enforced and justice is just who is holding the blaster. In this region of space where lawlessness is absolut the one thing you can count on is a bounty hunter, the greatest of them being Mandalorians. The “Mandolorians” are a warrior culture hailing from the planet “Mandalore,” however the Mandalorian people are not restricted to being from Mandalore the identity is more from the beliefs and culture of the individual. The story follows the title character Mando in his bounty hunting advanchers. In the first episode, he is sent to a desert planet to find a mysterious bounty for a splinter remnant of the once powerful empire, only to find out his bounty was not but a small green child to whom the fans have elected to call Baby Yoda.       

The story and characters are written fantastically and the actor Pedro Pascal is able to emote and have an enjoyable character without seeing his face.  The supporting cast does a stellar job in making the world feel believable and liveable. The sets have a grimy, yet still Star Wars feel to them, unlike “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story  with is relistric approach to a galaxy far far away. An admirable “rule” for the production is that they are trying to use as much practical effects as they can when filming. In an effort to hold on to the feeling of the original films, something that helped the show is it  being set only five years after “Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi.”

  A large part of the show’s popularity can be accredited to one specific cartictor, that being the child, better known as “Baby Yoda.” This character who is almost always done practically with puppetry has stolen the hearts of hundreds of people across the country. This small green fella has stolen the show whenever he is on screen, this is of course not to say the other supporting actors aren’t good in any way. All around there isn’t a bad performance among them.

Overall, the show is a definite must see. With great acting, writing, and set design, it does a great job embodying the feel of both Star Wars and the old “spaghetti westerns” that it was influenced by. With a final surprise for fans of the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv show at the end. I would rate “The Mandalorian” a 9/10 and a must watch for any Star Wars fans.